does anyone know the tone levels misery signals use? i have a marshall mg 100hdfx amp and i wanna know what settings to use to get the sound like on their controller album
I have never heard of said band, but maybe a link would help?

Either way you'll get better answers in the gear and acessories forum.
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Misery Signals is a metalcore band, right? If so, your mid levels should be low, your bass level normal, and your treble just a bit higher than normal. If you have contour nob then turn that way up. That should give you a typical metalcore tone on most amps and most distortions. Of course fool around and find the perfect setting for yourself.
I was going to suggest Guitar Gear and Accessories thread, but they don't like "how do I make amp X sound like band Y" kinds of threads.

Maybe go there and ask what gear they use and how they get their sound, but not how you can make your specific amp get a specific sound.


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