hey because of my bands new practice space i haven't been able to use my recently purchased peavey 5150 combo (2004). with the new space the peavey is too much so im using my 1x12 crate combo for now. anywho i plugged in my 5150 in my basement and started to play with my gibson les paul. i came to the conclusion that i wasn't happy about the sound i was getting out of it (in comparison to my godin freeway) it felt like the presence was too high but i'd turn it down and then it got too muddy (turning the mids down a bit helped but added to the mudd). i noticed that i was getting more feedback with my gibson as well... do you think this could be due to the pickups on the menace series of les pauls?

my second question and more important question is that when i bought it i was told the preamp tubes are old and the poweramp tubes are basically new. there was a few seconds where my volume went down dramatically and sound wasn't coming out. when i moved my instrument cord that was tightly pressed against my guitar and strap and sat down things seem to be fine. i played for like 15 minutes longer and i had no volume drop out. is this a sign of my newish power tubes dying or possibly a problem due to my instrument cord??

sorry for the super long post but i hope everyone reads it fully before they respond.
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Try a different cable. If that doesn't work, it might be the input on your guitar, or tubes.
if i took my amp in to a tech would they be able to tell me if the power tubes are good or bad?
Yeah, but they'd charge you for their time. It'd be easier and cheaper to try different cables.