I have been stuck with these regular picking exercises for about a year now (playing with a metronome) and I'm so damn tired of it, I'm wondering if there is any good songs to learn to help you get the alternate picking going, ive been playing for like 6 years know, so I'm open for any suggestions, Just can't take more from that metronome ^^

try the gargoyle or the curse of castle dragon by paul gilbert. that should take you a couple days to get

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Yeah, try paul gilbert for some shredding.
If that's not your kind you could also try playing the mid solos from Metallica songs (if you like their music) like the first 2 "One" and "The Unforgiven" solos. Another good one could be "Master of Puppets" solo interlude. I know those ones are not to fast, yet good.
Technical Difficulties by Paul Gilbert is a good one. The sticky has a list of stuff by technique (for example: songs that improve sweeping, songs that improve tapping, and so on). Your pick.