Hey, I've only been playing bass since Christmas (and regular guitar since the Christmas before) and I was wondering how long it took some of you singer/bassists to really be able to sing while playing specific basslines?

Sometimes I have trouble singing if the bass is "bouncy" but the vocals aren't, if you know what I mean. Example: I was just doing some Beatles songs, and "Happiness is a Warm Gun" goes with the vocal timing, so it was easy. But "Help!" doesn't go with the voice. I've even memorized "Help" to an extent, and it helps, (haha) but the verse is still tricky.
When I played bass, I was able to sing and play from almost the very beginning. I still have trouble playing guitar and singing, though.

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certain songs are easy, certain ones are impossible...

if you can already sing and play easy stuff, then it's just gonna take experience
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About a year to play things that don't fit with the vocals or things in different meters.
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i can only sing and play with punk rock right now. but i just started singing with it like 2 days ago. theres only a couple songs i tried, my best bein "The kids aren't alright" followed by "the seperation of church and skate" then "basket case"
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