hey guys im thinking about starting a vinyl collection. i thought itd be cool just to search ebay and **** for some old records any goodies you guys recommend

oh and by the way how much would like big hits like Group Sex would cost ive seen some vinyl go for like $5 bucks and some hitting around $50-100 even
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Ive been collecting vinyl for awhile, ive noticed price doesnt mean anything its all based on how much your willing to pay exc..I find deals all the time on CL, ebay, and thrift stores.
I have a vinyl collection too. vinyl sounds way better than cds. my dad gave me all of his old records which got me started with vinyl. its fun going 2 a record store a getting more and more records.
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Ive been collecting vinyl for awhile, ive noticed price doesnt mean anything its all based on how much your willing to pay exc..
I'm trying to understand what you mean by this but I'm completely lost.
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I have Group Sex on picture disc. It cost me around $20 I think.

New records in a legit record store will probably cost anywhere from $15 to $30 depending on the album. Used records can be as cheap as $5 or so, and you can find some decent stuff in good condition if you're willing to spend some time hunting.

Sometimes people run distros and order records to sell at shows. They're usually quite a bit cheaper, and tend to have stuff you cant always find at other places. $10 per LP is the usual price from what I've seen, but sometimes cheaper.
i'd try your local record stores first. and watch out for re-releases, they try to pull some serious bull**** sometimes, like the Dookie reissue for $20, and its not worth more than 10. also, keep an eye out for new releases and try and get the 1st issue color vinyl, they can end up being worth something if they're limited ed. like my bosstones impossible dream on white vinyl, only 500 pressed apparently
We have a shop here called CDs For Less. Thay have about 1000+ $4 vinyls and vintage, reissue, and new vinyl. They have probably 2000+ vinyls and 500 CDs. Haha. The irony of it is great.

I got Get Yer Ya-Yas Out by The Rolling Stones (1970 original) for $4, Smash Hits (1971 original)- Jimi Hendrix $4, and Golden Shower of Hits by the Circle Jerks (1983 original release in packaging unopened) for $30.
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I listened to my dad's old Bowie vinyl's earlier, was good times.
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