Any ideas what I could sell a Digitech GNX2 for on craigslist? The guy that sold me my JCM 900 threw it in as a freebie. I tried it briefly to see if it works which it does. Is this thing any good?

I'm not into a ton of effects. I have a CE-5 chorus, TS-9 OD, and really just want a wah at this point. I'm thinking of posting it on craigs for sale or trade for the wah.
Clicky Of all the ones listed on Craigslist in the U.S the most expensive is $150.00. The average price is $60.00 to 100.00. According to my clicky site!!!
If you start a reply with: I have never played one but I have heard good things about it! Your opinion is invalid.
From $60 on the low end to $100 tops. I just bought a GNX3 for $75 off CL, but that was killer cheap.

LOL I just looked up and saw box's post. So yeah +1 on what he said. The $150 price is reasonable for a GNX3.
throw it out there and see if you get any decent trade offers. who knows, someone might be willing to part with a Q-equiped CB, or maybe a morley... hell, even a stock bare-bones crybaby would be a deal!
you sell it and maaaybe get $75... then you go buy a lower-end wah for $100? why not just save yourself $25, and take whatever wah you can get? even a weeping demon is $99 new.