im going on holiday for 2 weeks this friday and unfortunatly my guitar will not be accompanying me . i was just wondering over these 2 weeks is there anything i culd do to strengthen my fingers while im away? iv looked all over the internet and its always this thing to do with some gripping device which i dont have. methods of strengthening fingers without guitar will be very much appriciated
i used to draw out a fretboard on a peice of paper and learnt songs using that
a good one is to squeeze a tenise ball
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finger weights by the look of them

my friend got something similar when he was in physiotherapy
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Learn theory dude. Knowing all the notes on the fretboard is a good start. If you know that already, start with something you dont know and would like to know, scales modes, how the triad chord works etc.
seriously two weeks isn't that long, just don't fret about it (pun intended)
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Honestly, giving your fingers a break is nice for those two weeks. You'll go back, and you'll play better than when you left after a quick warm up.

Don't stress your fingers too much. They're on holiday too you know.
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ok thanks for the advice man. i got a ukulele btw :P and yeh a break culd do and im def gonna save up for that grip thing. seems to have gd reviews
ok if i can find any decent books or maybe if they have a computer at the hotel ill check it out for a bit of theory work
btw guys thank u so much for the rapid reply. all week iv been sitting here worrying ill forget how to play! thank u so much im of on my holiday at 1:30 next morning xD
i no the small basics but i have never actualy sat down and gone u no wat. im learning music theory (self taught u see)
finger push ups
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