I mostly use my two multi effects pedals when i play my guitar (Boss GT8, Korg AX3000G).
I have recently been thinking about getting a new amp which would be suitable for using my pedals.
At the moment i am using a Marshall MG100dfx but due to long use of my multi effects pedals, the clean channel has now broken and doesnt provide a good sound.
So my question is this.
What would be the best guitar amp for long term useage with my multi effects pedals ??
all marshall MG's sound bad, its not just you....

...also this belongs in guitar gear and accesories
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A Marshall MG that doesn't produce a good sound?


I personally like Orange amps, and played a multi-effects(i believe it was a boss) out of a B-52 stack that sounded good....

How did you break a clean channel???
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