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6 25%
Voters: 24.
So I'm getting a new guitar and I know for sure its going to be a Gibson Flying V but now the hard part is...

Should I put a pickguard on the flying v or should I not?

and.. does the pickguard affect the performance of the guitar such as your hand easily sliding off the body of your guitar.?

By the way its a Gibson Flying V White

Also.. if it doesn't bug you ...

Is it hard to take off a pickguard from a flying v?
and how..

Looks like this

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you would have to take off all the knobs, then all the wiring and junk will be exposed.
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for what its worth, keep the pickguard, saves you scratching up the finish, and well, as JBizzle said, you'd have all your electronics exposed...

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I have a Gibson Gothic Flying V and the pick guard is quite different. I like V s with pickguards.

I like original.
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Flying V's are top routed so if you took off the pick gaurd you'd see all your electronics as others have mentioned plus the pick gaurd looks sweet anyway.
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