Hey I'm considering whether or not I want to get a floyd rose-equipped guitar or not. Anyone here with firsthand experience with floyds, is it really worth it to get a floyd?

Some stuff to consider, I do change tunings fairly frequently, and I've never dealt with a floyd before
I bought one and have mixed feelings about it, all i can say is make sure its what you REALLY want
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i change tunings on 6's too much to have one, but i like em on 7 strings.

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If you change tunings alot, dont get a floyd. Simple as in my opinion. You'd have to set it up every time you changed the tuning
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What SPBY said, if you don't change tunings too often, it's fine. Changing strings isn't that hard, but changing tunings is a bitch.
i would say that if you get a guitar with a floyd make sure its an original floyd rose and not a cheaper version. those are really the only ones i have found are worth while. you might want to get one and keep it in a tuning because they are hard to change.

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it depends on what kind of music you play like its really good for divebombs and all that most floyd rose dont go out of tune usually even with the tremelo a good guitar to get is a jackson dxmg dinky 2008 model it is like 450 bucks and really good it is also hard to change tunings
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