i recently went through an old military radio and took out all the tubes that were in there.
i don't know anything about tubes really except what work in most tube amps. so any of you who are familiar with the workings of older tube powered electronics will probably help me the most...

i've italicized all the tube names and bolded the company names to make it easier to skim through.

but i had some questions about the tubes i pulled out and what they could be used for.
first, i want to know if 12AT7 tubes are replaceable with 12AX7s.
i'd like to see how my JCM 900 would sound with old tubes but i don't want to put them in without being positive they'll work properly.

also, three (Sylvania) of the four (the fourth one is made by RAYTHEON i believe) 12AT7s i have say JHS 12AT7WA... what does that mean?
the fourth one says JRP-12AT7

i have 3 Tung-Sol JTL-5687WA tubes (i think that's right, there are a lot of numbers on them and that seems to be the identifier number).. what could those be for?

one Sylvania tube says J S(something should be in the space, it has worn off) 5751 with what looks like an antenna symbol next to it like on a cell phone where it tells you how much reception you have.

i have 2 GE tubes... one says JG-5725, the other says JG-5654 (they're both only an inch long not including the tip and the metal prongs)

i also have another tube of the same size by Sylvania labeled JHS 5726/6AL5W

and finally i have 2 tall and skinny tubes that are labeled differently..
one is by RAYTHEON and says USN6626/OA2WA
the second is by Chatham Electric and is just slightly different from the first one because the label is USN-C/HG-6627/OB2WA

i'm sure most are labeled differently because of the company, but i just want to know what all those tubes are for (all roughly the same size as the 12AT7s unless stated otherwise.)

so basically, what are those tubes for?
are the 12at7s compatible with my JCM 900 4100?
and what could the tubes be re-used for?

sorry for all the questions, but i found a lot of tubes and i want to know their purposes so i can put them to good use.
yeah, as far as i know, most amps use 12ax7s, but i wanted to see if putting 12at7s would work or if it would do some sort of damage
i wasn't planning on it unless i got a lot of people to say it should work fine.
i just spent every cent i had on that amp and i'm not about to **** it up.
i just thought if it would work, i could get a cool sound out of it.
alright, since we've figured out that putting 12at7s in my amp is a bad idea,
can someone help me figure out what the other tubes are for?
There are jillions of tubes, even 250,000 watt radio transmitor tubes.
But the 12at7 is just a differant preamp tube, the heater pins are probably differant, and maybe it doesn't work in cathode followers. Not sure though.

Think about that radio transmiter tube for a power tube in your amp
The 12AT7 is a direct replacement for a 12AX7, you can use it but it will result in less gain; the 5751 is in between the gain of a 12AX7 and 12AT7 and should sound nice and smooth in the first preamp tube position on the right (looking at the back of the amp).

The rest of those tubes are unfamiliar to me, they're probably transmitting/ recieving tubes which means they won't be of any use in a guitar amp.
alright thanks.
i wouldn't be surprised because they came out of an outdated radio.
i'm sure most of the other tubes are pretty obsolete because i don't know of any tubes being used for electronic purposes like that anymore.
i can probably sell them to someone who's into those vintage radios so they can use them, but as of right now, i think that's the only thing i can do with them, haha.
i make guitar pedals and i was hoping some of these tubes would be good to use for those so i could make more money for tube pedals, but i could probably use the 12at7s or 5751s for some nice sounding tones.