Heres a link to my youtube vid of it. I used my iMac with Garageband and a Line 6 toneport GX with Podfarm and some basic drum loops.

Not trying to be a total Nazi or anything, but this should be posted in Covers. Otherwise, very good
It really sounds Unforgivenish, even if it doesn't have the clean-heavy-clean structure of thoose songs.. I wouldn't be surprised if it was from a Metallica album though, the tone is great and the melody really suits the atmosphere from the Unforgivens..

Oh, and btw, it's way better that The Unforgiven III :P
Way better than the Unforgiven III. Very good song. It has the same feeling of the first two songs, which is something that I thought the third one lacked. Send me a PM please if you ever end up recording vocals for this track. Very good work.
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Whoooaaaw, make it your own song man!

Try to find a bassist, drummer, a rhythm guy, and a singer and you're set! Damn this should really be a song, I could really imagine hearing this on the radio or on MTV, when they have their occasional rock airplay on tv.

Dude seriously, work this out with a real band

Oh, and you should totally put this as DLC on Rock Band and Guitar Hero :P
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Thanks for all the positive comments. I didn't set out to make it like the Unforgiven songs, just though it had that kinda vibe with the melody. I posted it on Youtube under that purely to get views and some exposure.

Glad you all like it anyway.

I'm putting an album together of original recordings and gonna try and get it released on an independent label. I've only got this song and another so far.

If anyone wants either song as an MP3 post your email address on here or PM me and I'll email you the best quality I can.