I'm slowly building a home studio and I'm thinking about adding something else to it. But I need help on what I should get next. I have around 600 dollars to spend and I'm thinking about buying a new interface or a Marshall jcm 900 head. I'm only trying to focus on recording guitar and vocals at the moment(I dont have enough mics for drums).

Right now I'm using a fast track pro so I have to eventally upgrade to something better. I was looking at the profire 2626 because it sounds like a decent interface. I can also find plently of them for under 600 bucks on craigslist, but if you have any other suggestions on something better, I'm all ears.

I'm playing out of a marshall avt 150h, and I feel like this amp just isnt giving me that full tone that the 900 will. I can also find this head for about 600 dollars on craigslist.

If I'm trying to improve the quality of my recordings, which should I get? Will I hear a difference if I recording out of a 900 instead of the 150h with the fast track pro. Or will a new interface boost up the 150h and improve its overall sound in the mix.

Thanks for reading.
haha, even if I bought mics for drums I cant recording them with my ftp.
Just buy a Mac with logic or garageband and use Line 6 Pod farm with a good set of monitors. I aint plugged in my JSX combo since I got my mac! Simple and sounds awesome! (obviously just for recording and practice)
Well I already have a nice pc and cubase, so buying all that stuff is out of the question.
well i think the interface you have is pretty good and no point in upgrading the interface until you have the mics to record the drums. Also ive never tried miking amps before but ive heard from many that ALOT of the sound is in mic positioning. also if the idea of VST guitar effects doesnt scare you, look for guitar rig or amplitube software and get a decent pair of over heads for your drumset. you can prob get that for under 600$ and save up for the rest of the mics on the drums set, or if you really want that new amp. Also im not sure how but it may be possible to daisy chain multiple interfaces together ( i know its possible with a firepod but not sure about M-audio software, im gonna check that now and edit my post)

EDIT: i think daisy chaining is only for firewire although im sure you could have two usb devices plugged in at the same time to have more inputs. Although this would most likely cause sound card errors there may be some kind of workaround.
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