Have you seen the price for this.... $8,000 some of the best les pauls are cheaper is it worth it cuz im a huge nugent fan and he plays this guitar a lot
Yes get the Ibanez. And then when you can wail like Nugent, get the Byrdland. This should allow several years of practice time and saving money.
I don't believe in paying $8,000 for a guitar.

But if we were talking about the Moderne or the Corvus, it would be well worth it. But I don't even think those go for $8,000.
If you're willing to drop $8,000 on a guitar go to a GOOD luthier and get it custom built...
i saw a Byrdland four days ago:

1982 Gibson Firebrand "The SG" Deluxe
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That picture....

I may need to clean myself.
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If I were you, TS, then I would buy one.
Then I would join the NRA and rant about Obama.

No really, like everybody said, it isn't worth it.
Even if you have a semi acoustic Epiphone, you'll get pretty much the same tone with the right amp. So if you get a Byrdland type guitar, shove it through a Fender Bassman (I think that's what Ted used, but I'm not sure).

You'll pretty much get the sound then.
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im sorry, but that isnt worth it.

you do realize that is a real gibson 59. thats a deal. anything from gibson in the 50's is super collectible. goldtops go for $200,000. the byrdland reissue is $8000. usually what gibson does is take someone famous like the nuge and reissue his guitar then add another $2000 to what it would normally sell for as a standard production model. like the zz top LP that has his name on it is $2000 more, gibson rep told me they are identical in every way except the name.
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how difficult is it to build your own guitar?
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