There are some pedals I'd like to check out that I can't get locally, and GC won't order them for me. I know I can order them from their website, but I wouldn't be able to return them to the store. There's supposed to be some way to order stuff online, but with a local GC's store ID number, so that it's considered buying it through the local GC, and then you can return it there. Does anyone know how to do this?
you have to go to the store and have them order it through the website and have it sent to the store or your house. So either you're gonna need to buy the pedals somewhere else or order them online and deal with the back-and-forth shipping hassles if you decide you don't like them. That's odd that they wouldn't order it in-store for you, I bought my tele from them and the guy ordered it and had it sent to my house and it was with the store's return policy. How much are you spending? Because if they aren't making enough from their sale to you its not worth their time.
9/10 times the store and the online store are 2 completely different entities. As mentioned above, you would have to go through the store ordering system to be able to do this.
I've bought, sold, and traded more gear than I care to admit.
about 300$ They won't order it for me, and I've been through this with a friend last year. They gave him a store code, and he just went through GuitarCenter.com. I can't get in touch with him though, so I don't remember exactly how he found the field to submit the code, and I can't find what it is for my local GC. Of course I could go over there, but it's on the other side of town and would take up my whole night.

Now I'm seeing they charge tax for their online order even when you can't return stuff to their stores... I'm thinking I'll just do this through musicians friend and ship the pedals back. It's obnoxious because I know I won't be keeping any of them, I'll just be getting them used off ebay if I decide I actually want them.