Does anyone have a suggestion for a small, 1/2 - 3/4 size, beginner acoustic guitar for my 9 year old daughter?

cort mini.
like the baby taylor it has normal guitar dimensions just smaller. i use for my round the house guitar if i don't want to get out my cole clark
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Incredible little guitar, just incredible, full scale neck. Solid spruce top. Sounds awesome. I picked one up and strummed it and was like "where did all of that sound come from?"

I know its an old thread, but if you are still looking, I second this one. I just bought one a few weeks ago. The case is excellent; no cheap gig bag! Comes with an instructional dvd and membership. Doesn't sound as good as the Little Martin, but its half the price. Includes replacement saddles and shims, along with an allen wrench and a guide for adjusting action. A bit pricey to me, considering most of my guitars are purchased with resale in mind, but that's a lot for $150
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I'm actually buying my daughter (7 years old) one for her birthday in September, so I'm glad this thread popped back up. I don't think the one above would work so well , she's small and so a full scale guitar is just going to be too big. I'm looking for a 3/4 size guitar. Also I don't want to spend a bundle... no more than $100. If she sticks with it for a year or two, I'll pay for a much better guitar for her
I am going to have to watch this thread since my little sister is 9 and wants a guitar.