Ok guys I need your help picking out what guitar to get for my next.

The first is a jackson dk2m http://www.guitarcenter.com/Jackson-DK2M-Dinky-Electric-Guitar-520321-i1445405.gc (i can get it for $400 new)

The second is a laguna le422 http://www.guitarcenter.com/Laguna-LE422-Electric-Guitar-104515382-i1375390.gc (only $270)

The third is epiphone les paul studio http://www.guitarcenter.com/Epiphone-Limited-Edition-Les-Paul-Studio-Deluxe-Electric-Guitar-581254-i1449700.gc ($350)

Ok if your can find a guitar better than these under $400 than please suggest it. I am willing to go used and I live in the Detroit Metro area. The amp I have is an orange tiny terror. I play all music from nice warm cleans to a thick randy rhoads crunch. Thank you for your help.

edit the reason the laguna is on there is i really liked its feel(it felt like a clone of the jackson)
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les paul, it's just more vesatile - if metal suddenly isn't your thing that Jackson will seem a little irrelevant - if just on an aesthetic level
Well I think you need to define how many frets you want and also whether or not you want a floating bridge. Like the DK2M is bolt on, maple fretboard, alder body, floyd rose, 24 frets. While the epi is set neck, rosewood fretboard, mahogany body, t.o.m bridge, 22 frets. Not saying they won't cover each bases differently but they are far different from each other and you'll gain more knowledge if you try each guitar out.
ok thanks guys i am going again to try these out today and I weas just trying to get some more knowledge. To be honest I am very torn because I really like all those guitars, but for different reasons.
For example the epi has those nice deep classic tones, then the laguna has the best cleans and looks, and then the jackson plays a bit better than the other two.

Also I also called today and they have a dkm2 for $375 new, but the setup is terrible and they say it is near unplayable (ideas to help me try that out too?)
I work there and I still dont know how your getting it that cheap.
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idk they are last years model from before the price change by fender and they still haven't raised the prices. This GC seems to have good deals like they have the seymour duncan twin tube distortion for 150 new instead of 220 and all the rr3 are only 650 even with the sick paint jobs (ie crimson swirl and tran finishes)