I have a low budget and am interested in home recordings.
I've already explored connectiong my guitar directly into the line in of my laptop, but laptop has a crappy soundcard (as expeted) so:

I've heard of the E-MU 0202, how good is it as an audio interface for guitar?
Also the E-MU tracker pre, what's the major difference?
Does anyone have any experiences with these? Will they recommend them?
What are the good things/bad things?

EDIT: How does the Line 6 POD GX compare to these?
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I have the EMU-0404 USB and it works great. The only problem I have with it, as seems to be a problem with all of them (that is, all USB interfaces), is that it's made out of plastic. Up until recently this hasn't caused any problems but one of the dials has a post that cracked which makes it difficult to adjust the volume on the input. The good news is that taking it apart is easy and you can just switch out the post of the headphone input and use that instead (I leave the headphones on full blast the whole time, it doesn't get particularly loud). I contacted the company about purchasing replacement posts. They said they don't sell them but they'll talk to the engineering department to see if they can forward me to somebody who does.

All in all it works great, the only minor issues are:
Made of plastic
Initially had troubles installing on one of the computers (two soundcards=problems)
Headphone volume is less than overpowering (although this doesn't really bother me, also saves the ears if you accidentally have it on high from a quieter recording you were listening to earlier)