alright so ive got a guitar with a floyd rose that came tuned in dropped D. i recently switched to Dropped C

The floyd was obviously low lying now. I tried loosening the screws in the back, it helped a lil. i Also took out a spring but it didnt do much so i put it back

Now whenever i use the floyd, it goes out of tune. so what should i do.
Are you having a problem with the string locks at the nut?
I could also be where the trem pivots on the posts... might be sliding around because of the lesser tension. Try heavier strings maybe, or don't down tune that guitar.
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no no, i mean the floyd isnt flush with the guitar body anymore. it lays low, i cant even seem to get it where it was before?
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no no, i mean the floyd isnt flush with the guitar body anymore. it lays low, i cant even seem to get it where it was before?

No... I know, but you said you already adjusted the anchor screws on the bottom - the one that moves the spring block thing back and forth to level the trem parallel. It has two screws that are driven into the guitar toward the headstock.

What guitar is it?

If it's a low end licenced Floyd rose - the pivot edge might be shifting - either because the metal is soft and worn, and/or it's working it's way out of the grooves it made in the posts (which probably suck on a low end LFR) because the tension is different.

If it's a high end, or good LFR, maybe something else broke around the nut.

That system isn't designed to go low. If you drop like that get a serious guitar for that tuning. You need a hard-tail with a tune-o-matic bridge if you want to go that low..... imo.

Edit: or maybe you just aren't doing it right. You have to go back and forth a few times when tuning down...then you adjust the block level... .that's going to change your tuning, so you tune it again.... then it's not parallel again, so you have to adjust the screw on the bottom... repeat.

Just keep going until you find the right balance for your tuning.

Back the micro-tuners almost all the way out. TUne only from the head stck until you get it in tune. When you lock the nut, sometime your tuning will sharpen - because the locks are putting tension on the string. That's why you want alot of travel with the micro tuners, because you might have to adjust THOSE a few time as well to get it in tune - especially with new strings (that's why you don't back the screw out all the way - just in case you have to tune the string flat).

Practice makes perfect.
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its a schecter c1 custom FR. i got it from Drum city guitar land. original floyd

OK, so that's the real deal. Probably not a hardware issue.. unless it's a dud. But that's highly unlikely.

I think you are just not being patient enough. Read the edit to my previous post.