How do you acheive this? Me and my friends Tyler and Steven cover Blink songs all the time and before I just had a crappy 15W amp with a Boss DS-1 pedal and it sounded pretty close. Does anyone know how to emulate the DS-1 with a little more overdrive? That should be close to a Blink-like tone. Thanks in advance.
If you want Blink-esque tone, skip the pedal, use the Insane (Treadplate, not Flextone/POD Insane) model with the gain set fairly low. Blink used Rectos for most of their career.
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do you have this amp now?
i suggest going for a different amp if you haven't bought the spider already
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Different amp would be best. Blink didn't even use distortion pedals I think, just the amps distortion. I agree with stabxyou
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