i wouldnt think so, i do that each time i change the strings on my acoustics and the guitars havent been messed up at all.

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i've always taken all the strings off and it's never hurt any of my guitars
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think of it this way.

guitars are in the factory for days before being strung, and they're brand new. and necks for sale sit in storage until they're sold.
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i do that and haven't had a problem, what your not supposed to do is just clip all of them off so the tension is let off really quickly, if you take them off slowly you shouldn't have a problem
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Technically it's not great you end up changing the tension hugely by removing the strings - in reality it is the only way to clean the neck properly. So long as you don't leave them all off for more than an hour or so you should be fine.
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Nah, remember at the factory the guitar might sit around for days before someone throws strings on it and ships it off. Im pretty sure you can let your guitar go string less for months (even years) and be fine. Just pay attention to the curve of the neck and look for any changes.
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well in truth there are a lot of factors involved. Normally it is not a huge problem. While wood seems very rigid and sturdy, it can in fact bend and warp, while this is normally very slight, with guitar necks, it can sometimes make slight differences in the shape of the neck. This has happened with one of my guitars, while it was very slight it warped the neck enough to cause fret buzz, for this is had to simply readjust the truss rod. To avoid this try not to leave the guitar with out strings for to long.
everyone who's telling him to do it, please meet me over in the set up thread to help him adjust his truss rod afterward.

TS it's not going to break it. but if you don't know how to set up a guitar.

ESPECIALLY an acoustic, swap one string at a time.

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