I'm gonna get a 65W or 100W Fender Frontman at GC, for my jazz band. I just need some clean headroom, and I'll handle all my (very light) drive from my Blues Driver. I also play lot's of blues(my homeground).

I've just recently been getting into Wes Montgomery(my only jazz influence), and I want to make sure that this is not gonna be a mistake.

PS: I didn't post this in GG&A because I will get baptism by fire for not getting a tube amp. I honestly don't care, becuase Christmas is a fine holiday for tube amps(20% off).
No. The Frontman's Drive channel is really muddy. The clean channel is mediocre and not worth $199. I recommend the Super Champ XD. Its half tube/ half solid state. Its very adaptable to different genres. Its only $100 more than the Frontman, but worth it. I have a Super Champ and my brother has a Frontman and there is no comparison. I can get perfect jazz and blues tones and i have a TS808 that compliments it very well, you have the Blues Driver so it would work very well. The reverb effect is another great feature. It also gets very loud so it would work if your playing in a jazz band and gigging.


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