I'm trying to find a half stack for under $1000 that can have a nasty metal tone and clean up real nice =P. I don't have any preferences on brand or anything... Just tryna find a sick stack. Sounds I like:

The Devil Wears Prada

Four Year Strong

For Today

For The Fallen Dreams

^ Sounds like that =D
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sorry man i doubt you'll find one. Just playing the devils advocate but seriously high gain amps for the sound you want are very expensive let alone a kickass cab would run at least 600(used). With a 1000 dollars you deffinately don't want to spend your money on anything new. And since you want a half stack it seems like you need a lot of power/volume and with hardcore bands you really want clarity. Seriously man idk how you are financially but wait until you have 2000 If your mind is set on a halfstack. You really want a solid head as well as a solid cab cause each really affect each other.