I know the main riff which floats arround sounds like metallica's creeping death's main riff..... but what can i say ... i just love metallica and so many out of their stuff is stucked in my head..... so i will take the crits with good feelings.. but other than that everithing is OK!! so check it out and ROCK!!!!!
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2-6 was like "Get up dance" to me LOL I liked it

Up til like 21 it was like the beach sound track lol, but it was awesome, 22-40 was pretty awesome and the riff change at 41 was awesome 53, it kinda felt as if it drug on a little bit the riff started to wear thin around there, and I hate to say it it was pretty cool. 70 was bad-arse as they would say in UK. I liked it, 80 was pretty cool for the most part I can tell there's some K. Hammett influence, nice. The riff came back and I was like :'( The change at 114 didn't help it much at all. 135 The riff is starting to kill me, but the solo over it was pretty cool, but it would've been better over some changed riff. 163 was a WONDERUL break from the repittion. 181 had an awesome riff over it. good work on that part. 197 pretty awesome change, but keeping that awesome melody. 213, now that's what I'm talking about, there is about 4 notes that are kinda sour though, 230 is really amazing, and there's only one problem FADE OUT, you could've made it epicer! NOOO. Redo the end and finish the solo, or I will come and find you.

7/10 kill the repitition, and I'll be your best friend.

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