I've searched, and I can't seem to find out how to get that techno, fuzzed-out sound. Songs like Tapp (and almost any other song) by 3oh3. Songs by Family Force 5. Songs by Powerman 5000 (Super Villain, for instance).

I know that with a lot of these songs, they're programmed, but I would like to know what effects and such they use to create the sound.
I'm pretty sure they're using fuzzed out synths, but to get a Techno fuzz guitar tone try a Fuzz Face and a Flange/Phaser.
flange or a phaser
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Sounds about right. Actually, dime the distortion on a Fender Frontman and you've got it (kidding)

Oh, and for FF5!
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Thanks. Some of the parts sound like they're palm muted, so I'm led to believe they're actual guitars with some fuzzed out techno tones.
Ibanez makes a bass synth pedal, run your guitar through it, then a fuzz.
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