i'm looking to put a band together asap and i'm reaching out to you guys and girls to help me out.
if you live in CT, or RI, MA, NY and don't mind driving, i'd love to have you try out.
i play guitar and i have legitimate gear so i'm not rockin' a crap guitar with a 15w practice amp.
i can sing, but i'd rather not be the singer, maybe backing vox, so all you people who just like to sing, that's cool with me, we could use you.
i haven't picked anybody yet so every position is open.
and all you horn players, hit me up too, i'd love a good horn section.
pm or comment if you're interested.
any questions feel free to post in this thread tho.
i may be able to supply some gear for you guys if absolutely necessary, but i'd prefer if you all have your own gig-ready gear.
hope to hear from you soon!
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well i'm having no luck at ctska.com
so i'm still checking this thread to find people so please, if you're interested, respond here.