Well, I just got a brand new Preamp and wanted to test it out, so this song is kinda a test that I'm really proud of. My old set up generated a lot of noise, so with a lessening of noise I was able to do things I've never been able to do before (multiple harmonies, etc)

Hope you guys enjoy!


The Landing :

When we set sail
We made it clear that we
Were never coming back
It’s been almost a year
and now my ships under attack
To many bottles, slip from my hand
I’m to drunk to drive home
Just leave me here

Well take me down
To the landing
Throw me in
And I will sink

I am tired and soaking wet
As I start wading to the shore
You look so sad and lonely
and I know you wanted more
A thousand miles
I’m at your door before I think of what I left
at the bottom

At the bottom x3

She spoke in such a voice
Sent shivers down my spine
She said don’t worry lover because it’s all behind
If I am the sea than you’re the shore that holds me in
You cull my lonely tide and prevent the townsfolk from drowning

Well take me down
To the landing
Throw me in
And watch me sink
Where has the time gone?
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Well personally I find music like this more boring than school assembly, but I'll try to give it a fair critique anyways.

The intro was nice. The leads blended very well with the rhythm guitar. The long held notes for the chorus were a little...how should I say... overdone? It felt like a dragonforce chorus. The rhythm guitar could use some rhythmic variation. It's the same strumming pattern through out the whole song and it got a little stale. The volume change for the last chorus was neat. I liked it. As for your singing, it's spot on for the style and I have no complaints there.

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as I listen:

Great quality as far as home recordings go. Very impressive off the start, great vocals with harmony's

This is a great track, you should be proud. Quality music is hard to come by in this forum...your good man.

You have a great voice, keep up the good work.

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Cheers for the crit on my song

Good quality recording, especially the vocals. The vocal harmonies were perfect for the song and I liked the lyrics. Keep up the good work.
cool lyrics man. i liked the strumming in this. this sounds allot like my stuff except im a little more country ish. harmonys were good. this is a great track. realy nothing to crit. im diggin this allot. reminded me of early bob dylan with the good lyrics and all.

i liked the spine/behind ryme. nice songwriting. good job man.

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