i am left handed and i am having a problem about my picking but it seems giving progress of my practice and my picking now is fast but i want my picking much faster
what would i do should i get a left handed guitar and start with it again or just stick with the right handed guitar or just practice more and more
I would stick with a right handed guitar - those are easier to find, cheaper, and it'll only be an uphill battle trying to get used to picking with a different hand. You're not going to like the next bit. I promise, however, that all will work out.

Picking doesn't improve overnight. The first thing you have to do is make sure you know where the picking motion is coming from. The best person I can think of to demonstrate with is Paul Gilbert - he has a perfect picking technique as far as I'm concerned. He goes really fast with only his wrist. To do this, you have to train your wrist, and that only comes from playing at different tempos. I was in the same boat as you a few months back; now my picking is faster and cleaner then ever, just from good practice.

As for practice, I would recommend you simply find your maximum clean tempo. That means however fast you can play something perfectly. Then take it about 20 beats per minute slower. Practice using only your wrist for picking. After 5-10 minutes, increase the tempo by 4 bpm. Practice it at the tempo for 5-10 minutes. Continue doing this. Pretty soon, you'll notice your wrist is more relaxed at full tempo. That is what you want and it will feel good. Tension in your hand is not how to pick fast - it's all about practicing small, relaxed, and tensionless motions.

Good luck with this.
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anyone can tremelo pick, im sure you mean playing faster rather than just being able to pick fast.

practice practice practice. start off playing something slow then when you can play every note perfect go faster. repeat until you cant play faster without messing up, then slow down a bit. next time you practice, start where you couldnt before and continue.

try looking into steve vai's "10 hour" workout, he has alot of good excercises.
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