Amazing for the price and a very good beginner's bass.
Also highly recommended areound here.
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Alright sweet. Like i said i knew Ibanez basses are quite good and it's perfect that they kept that up with the Gio
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they make a 220 buck 6 string too
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Good bass for the price. Like you said, you shouldn't expect perfection, but it's pretty good really, I liked how it sounded. The "Phat-II" eq thing isn't all that useful, my GSR200 has that and it really doesn't help the tone that much imho.

If you wanted to save a few bucks, you could get this:


It's essentially the same bass without the flame maple top, if I'm not mistaken. Doesn't look as pretty though...
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Im just buying it from the local shop. It's a beginner so im really not going to worry all that much about it
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Its great for the price. I will tell you what I tell everyone looking at a Ibby with 5 or more strings; the string spacing is a bit tight due to the narrow neck. But if that works for you, then all is good.