Hey guys. This is a myspace i just made for my music, but i put a recording of the band I'm in on there. The band is called Northern Glow. It's a new song and we'd really appreciate feedback. Please give it a listen

leave some milk for the cows!!!!!!
I think there are some timing problems, like a few milliseconds out, the recording is a bit harsh too

I'm not a big fan of this genre, i mean the yellowcard, sum 41, fall out boy scene etc. but its a good song to start with I suppose, working on the vocal melody a bit it doesn't appear to work with the chords...

Don't want to be harsh cause I respect anyone who's bothered to write their own music, so yh keep it up
pretty weak recording quality, but thats to be expected from a home recording. Sounds like vocals are clipping way too much watch the sensitivity on the mic.

Not a huge fan of this genre but it sounds like you guys do it well.

Keep at it, there are some timing issues as well.

the lead guitar at 2:20 ish......needs work.

Vocalist sounds good, but as a band work on getting tighter.

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Well. We used audacity, so we had to line up all the tracks, which can be a little off sometimes. And we could only use one mic to mic the drums. I agree I think there was too much air being breathed on the mic so it made it sound not great.

We recorded the vocals after I had been singing band practice for like 2 hours as well....
but thanks for the feedback. greatly appreciated.
leave some milk for the cows!!!!!!