i made this song in like two hours and its just missing an outro tell me what you think and please listen to my other songs.thanks.C4C

in my profile song 4
Thanks for the crit mate.

As Pat has said, definately some solid foundations for a song. Now all it needs is some drums, and a bit of smoothing out the rough edges like for example one or two of your bends were a bit off. The riffs were nice and meaty and well suited to metalcore. Btw are you directly plugging your guitar into the pc or using a mic? because although the guitar tone is pretty decent for what you've got, try using different mic placements by the amp to get the best possible tone for the job at hand, maybe something to consider in later recordings But overall, really good foundations for a kick-ass song!
The riffs are cool, but some of the production values let it down, I will hope for a re recording of this song.
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hey man i really like the tones on the guitar and the playing was tight, i really wanna hear that song with some drums i think that would pull it together. Its not insanely original but its solid and definately has some potential.
oh and would you mind going to my profile and checking out my stuff? its rough but it would be very appreciated.