I have a Genz Benz El Diablo 100 and the think the tubes or something are on the way out. It crackles alot, sometimes has a feedback like sound even when the guitar isnt plugged in. Sometimes when I play the tubes glow red but I turn the amp immediatly, then turn it on again a minute later and they are fine the rest of the practice. I know I obviously have to take it in the be repaired, but I have a gig tomorrow night and I need it.

Whats the problem?

Should I be fine for the gig?

This has been happening for about two weeks after I played a gig and borrowed someones cab. I changed the OHMS to their setting, but forgot to change it back when I started playing with my cab. i only changed it back a couple of days ago. Would this have started the problems?

Sorry to be one of those annoying people that bump things.

I just need a short answer.

I read some articles on UG, but they didnt help that much.
well, micro phonics usually caused by preamp tubes going dead, but they usually don't cease doing it, are you letting you amp warm up? don't know what the problem is, sounds like preamp tubes on the surface but it may be deeper than that. will you be fine for the gig? dunno, if you got it under hand with turning it on and off, but i wouldn't rely on it.

plugged into wrong output jack huh? not uncommon, i had been running certain amps for years with mismatched impedance, before i knew better. most amps are a bit over engineered to deal with that kinda problem, but constant misuse can cause power tube or transformer failures over extended periods of time. but i would doubt it would stem from mismatched impedance though. i would try and borrow an amp from a buddy if possible, but if you have no choice, you may just need make it work. having a back up amp and being on top of amp maintenance is crucial when gigging
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