Hey guys, I'm experienced in the playing aspect of the guitar but I am clueless about adjusting and setting up guitars (I tried "setting up" my old acoustic and ended up splitting the headstock. genius, right?).

Anyhow, I had a Highway One sunburst telecaster sent to me via UPS mail, and I love the feel and sound of it, but when I play it unplugged I notice there's a slight buzz, almost overly-metallic sound to the strings, most particularly the low E and the A. I was wondering if that's normal for for this particular instrument, or if I should get something adjusted. It doesn't affect the sound when plugged in, so is it something that should be worked on still?

(ps. I slapped .11's on it recently, and it continued to a little more noticeable extent)

did you go up from .09's to the .11's? sounds like you have fret buzz
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probably fret buzz, just needs a proper set up
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