I loved this! The timing could use a smidge of work, but other than that it was fantastic. I would definitely rock this while cruising down the highway to the beach.
Where has the time gone?
Thanks! We are actually in the process of making an album right now....ill let ya know when its done. But I have the song available for download....Im not sure how you do that still but it must be possible lol. Ill check out your guys' stuff
Wow. i like this one much more than the more than meets the eye. This song is very different and it doesn't seem to necessarily have order (which is cool). The vocals could use a little work. particulary the last few words in each line. The pitch seems to fade off. which is hard to keep i know. Overall, the music was great.
leave some milk for the cows!!!!!!
Hey man I like it! You're drummer is especially pretty good. The solo is good too. I think the only part that needs some work is the vocals. The singers voice just isn't really working for me in this song. But overall its got a great feel
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