It's not bad. Not exactly my genre, but it sounds alright. I think the intro is a little long. I think the vocals are a little unexciting. And with the same beat the whole song, it starts to sound a little repeatative. Reminds me of Ozzy a little bit to be honest.
It's good music, sounds good, but i just don't think it would be exciting live.
Keep writing though
leave some milk for the cows!!!!!!
Hey. Nice groove at the beginning, I like it, big ballsy riff. Nice vocals also. The song progresses nicely and you change it up before it gets repetitive. It's very brave to play this as your closer but if its' working then keep it up. I would definitely listen to this. Reminds me of Deep Purple or something. Very promising

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First of all, to a fellow Coloradan.

Nice guitar tone. Nice tune to bob your head to. I'm really not a fan of the singing though...
Can barely hear the bass. This song has no bottom end and it needs it badly.
Cool synth part around 3:00, although it doesn't fit the song very well IMO.
Really original solo around 4 minutes. Great psychadelic feel. I feel like i'm watching Enter The Dragon.
The next solo was pretty good too.
by the 6 minute mark, it's just getting tiresome. Don't get me wrong, there are good licks and ideas still, but it's just so long at this point without any real significant change in anything.
Solo at 7 minutes wasn't great. Nvm, it got better when you started shredding.
The riff going through the 8 minute section was repeated too many times. Cool riff, but not so many times
Cool outro.

Sorry if I sounded overly critical, but I really don't care for rock at all, so I did my best to listen to the whole thing and give an honest crit.

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December 14, 2017
That's pretty cool, I was surprised by the classic hard rock feeling.

The riffes are good, but it's a bit too quiet to me at the begining, and the song got on the slower part too fast at 3:04. Even if that slow part and the solo are great!!

The vocals are good by the way.

I really like the song after the first solo, there a good suite of themes, and a good coordination betwin all the instruments !

I love the ending!

C4C4C ? :p

no just kidding, i just wanted to show you my band:

There's some videos in the blogs

Thanks for the listennig you guys are a very good band
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to start kind of a cliche title. why not blue moon or crossroads. lol. i wasent a fan of the vocals/they seemed kind of strained like he was squeeling a bit. i wasent a fan of the lyrics eather. the timing kind of seemed off also. sorry for all the negative stuff but this track needs work big time. the playing and drumming though is very good besides the timing in a couple places. i think this needs new lyrics and a good singer. its a start though. i like the change up at 310, its a nice peacefull break. nice job. keep rocking.

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