So I am staying in the USA for a week and I would like to buy a new amp and take it with me on the plane, it has to weigh less than 70lbs and the sum of the dimensions cant exceed 62 inches. I need something for metal and some options are:

Peavey Valveking 112 + OD Pedal
Optional Speaker change

Only the amp: $420 +shipping

Randall RG50TC + OD Pedal

The amp: $700+shipping

I thought that maybe I can buy a head and a speaker and build my own cab on home but right now I think the best option is the valveking because of the Randall high price.

I was looking for a B52 AT but it has been discontinued and I saw only the head version for $600 on guitar center.
Maybe a RH50T head is a good option? Does the valveking has enough gain?
The Randall for sure dude.
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+1 to Randall.
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valveking is good for metal with an overdrive. IMO not a great choice for high gain metal. I'd buy a mesa DC-3 if I were you. Small, and demand isn't high, so it's cheap. don't know if it's small enough.
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