Rusting Giant's Lyrics!

Hey there! This is my first post in these forums, and it's just some old lyrics that I've written. I'm probably going to add some more recent lyrics later...When I write them...Ahem! Most of my lyrics are inspired by Alice in Chains, Nirvana, Bob Dylan, Neil Young and other various artists! They aren't all that great, so don't expect some insanely awesome song.

We Left Him Alone:
{[Inspired by Alice in Chains.]}

Bloodshot eyes, those that we all despise
Gone through time, another person cries
Walk that line, beside the train station
Sit alone, we all knew it was just a creation

We left him alone
We leave it alone
We got on alone
We finished alone

{[Inspired by Rage against the machine.]}

This world is dead
Now I see with open eyes
A machine groans at the weight
People continue, continue to break
Kill the people of self righteous
Fight the people who stop you now
Break free from these binds
But still they come
But still they come
But still they Come!
But still!!!

Rebel, against this machine
Antagonise, everything
Destroy something beautiful
Take that hate on the world

Once again the wheel's changed
Once again, they start to reign
Everyone must look the same
Follow the line don't go insane
I've lost my mind and that's okay
Cause I can tell i'm to blame
Use these drugs to open my eyes
But still they come
But still they come
But still they Come!
But still!!!

Mutiny, against this man
Anarachist, against everyone
Destroy something beautiful
Take that hate on the world

My Drug:
{[This song is about my Ex and I wrote it some months ago. I always liked it. But it seems to have some sort of drug theme to it also.]}

She always seems to bring me up
then throw me down again
Always brings a smile to my face
but breaks me like a speeding train
She makes me feel alive and happy
But I don't get that great bargain
Do I?

A straight line into my heart
but only to rip it out
She gives me the fastest pulse
but it quickly burnsout
She brings a whisper to my lips
though after it i always shout
Don't I?

But still I always think i'll be with you again
When that time comes though, i'm broken and in pain
God you're my ****ing drug
You're driving me insane

Another hit at this thing again
but only to swing and miss
Take another try again
But come out with no bliss
This thing you put me through
It's giving me everything
Only you can do this to me
Only you can make me free

Move on:
{['Bout my ex aswell. Bob Dylan inspired!]}

I tell her to keep on going, I've already left
But still I stand here, My heart is theft
It seems that I've moved, But I'm standing here
And now I'm saying, Move on Dear
You don't have to fear

My heart's already broken, it can't be fixed
Direct the needle, make it all relaxed
I don't need to care now, The light is dim
I'm reaching the end babe, I've touched the brim
I'm just grim

I ain't lookin for anyone else, to hold close
I've pulled the trigger, I've taken that dose
But now the time comes, when you are gone
My eyes have closed now, I'm startin to yawn
I won't see the dawn

{[Another ex song. I was going through a Bob Dylan love song phase.]}

I can't stay away, the drawing is too fierce
The beauty in my eyes, you should be looking in that mirror
Babe you're beautiful, you're loved but you think only by some
But don't worry, you don't need to, cause I love you

Those other plastic toys, the posh little boys
You don't need to look like that, oh no
Different is what you are, and babe that's what I love
And I can't see me being with anyone else

Babe you're perfectly different, in every shape and form
And that's why I love you, that's why I need you
You've saved my life a million times
Even when I wasn't dieing
But babe I remember the night, you told me you still loved me
You saved me, and I love you

With every time I touch your lips
With every time you part your lips
With every time you tell me that you love me
I fall in love again. Cause I love you

And babe it's true
I love you.
"What have I become?
My sweetest friend.
Everyone I know
goes away in the end.
And you could have it all,
My empire of dirt..."
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