The most economical way i thought would be barring the 12th fret, but then i noticed one thing. If i barre the 12th fret, when i play the B string, i hit the high E string by mistake when pulling off. How should i mute it? Well i don't exactly hit it, sort of like touch it a bit and it rings.
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Maybe you could slightly lift your barring finger off the E, just enough so that it doesn't ring out. Or just not bar it.
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Well this is how i would play it i would either barre the 12 fret hammer on the first not pull off the roll my finger upwards slighty so its gently touching (muting the e string) and do the other hammer on and pull off
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learn to "roll" your index, alot of sweep lessons talk about it

Yeah, this. Also, might wanna palm mute the entire thing a LITTLE bit to make it sound cleaner.
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Rolling your finger tends to help. I used to have problems on this as well. Your should roll your finger, to mute the high E string (with your index) when you roll it to the B-string.
+1 to rolling. I hate barring my fingers when playing legato stuff (it feels funny to me), but rolling my fingers works just fine. You might want to stick your index finger out a little extra to quiet the B-string and prevent noise from there.