I'm looking to buy a new guitar and i am a big fan of michael angelo batio so i was wondering what the difference between his signature armorflame or aviator
i know a lot about the armorflame and like it but i cant find anything about the aviator

is it the exact same as the armorflame but just with a different graphic and pickups?
i personally like the sound of EMGs but are the aviator pickups good also?
is the overall quality and tone of it worse, the same, or better in your opinion?
iF its a dean model then just pop dean an email they tend to reply really quick.
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I`d guess it is basically the same guitar, but just with different graphics. Pickups in aviator I guess should be modelled after Super Distortion and PAF, since that's what MAB used in his early days.
The Aviator has the USA Dean DMT MAB “Hands Without Shadows” Neck Pickup, the USA Dean DMT “SCVH” Middle Pickup, and the USA Dean DMT “Baker Act” Bridge Pickup.

The Armorflame has an EMG 81, an EMG 85, and EMG SA Pickup.

Hope this helps