this is my newest folk metal song, took me 2 days to make.

the chorus is homage to the SoS, thats why its so blatant, and it fits the mood of the song extremely well (im abbreviating SoS so it'll be a surprise when you hear it )

let me know what you think, if parts sound awkward, if it sounds gay, if its not metal enough, tear this **** apart!

Tears of Elder Spirits.zip
As I listen:

Intro: Nothing really special that gets my attention. Maybe you should add another track for a harp melody or something. I can just hear a harp playing for some reason to add more body to the intro.

Epic Flutes: Nice idea adding the flutes here, but I think it will be more effective with the idea of another instrument with it.

Scream Verse/Interlude: I actually see this as a continuation of the intro and the Interlude too. They sound great, they just don't sound like parts that I would put vocals over. Maybe you should play with that idea and come up with a different part for verses and the interlude.

Piano: It sounds really empty to me with just the bass supporting it. Add a track for strings and use them to fill out the spaces. It'll sound much better that way I think.

Chorus/ After Chorus: This part is great. It's anthemic and memorable, which is great. I don't really recognize the song it's from though. Do you mind telling me? haha. The post chorus part is really good too. The choir was a nice addition to complement the guitar line.

Bridge 1: I think this part will be better if you lengthen it and change up the chord progression a little while adding more to the lead melody. I think it'll have a better effect and will flow better into the next section.

Verse: Again, I think this serves very well as a re-intro sorta thing. Keep it there though, but don't have any vocals over it, and come up with a new verse to use.

Interlude: I think you should actually take this part out and add a new idea leading into the next section.

Verse 2: This is good and I like the idea of taking everything out for the last two measures. That was cool.

Outro: This is a great return back to the post chorus part and it works well.
Overall it was very good. I'd say the weakness is not enough variation. Try playing with my suggestions and see what you come up with.
C4C? Can you crit the Concept Album. It's a WIP and I could really use some comments on the two newest songs.
Song of Storms


Decent song, sounded a little boring simply because of MIDI and lack of vocals.
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