is it true modelling amps dont take pedals well, ive been playing my distortion pedal through my friends line6 spider 15 and it sounded really bad. would a vypyr 30 sound better or do modelling amps just not take pedals well?
is there a way to make pedals sound better through it?
what about the sampera 1 and 2 do they sound good?
because i need to be able to change between clean and distortion whilst playing
I use pedals through my super champ xd and it sounds fine. I've never used a vyper though. I hear you shouldn't boost the signal too much or the digital pre-amp will start clipping.
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ok thanks
does anyone know if the sampera pedals work well with it

I don't know much about modelers, but I'm pretty sure the Sanpera or whatever is to control the onboard effects, not add new ones. So it is just a foot controller for effects already built into the amp, it will not change the sound at all.

And yes, stompboxes sound terrible through modelers.
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Unless its electronic drums.

I have a Vypyr 30. And it does take pedals well, for the most part.
After a while the amp seems to try to adjust it's sound to the pedals. The amp doesn't sound crap, it's just that there's a noticeable difference in the sound after I reset it back to default.

And I don't use sanpera.
I just use a distortion pedal and put the amp on a clean setting.
EDIT: there's the Vypyr thread.

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