Fairly quick question:
What notes on the guitar would produce a frequency below 1,000 to 1,500 hertz?
Or any advice on how I could find this information, because google and wiki were no help.
A above middle C (so the A on the fifth fret of the high E string) is 440 hertz. So most of the notes on the guitar are low enough. However, the overtones of all of the notes will go over 1-1.5 khz.
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C6 (20th fret high E string in E standard) is at 1046 Hz...so anything below that will be under 1000 Hz.
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In A 440, the 24th fret, high -3 will be about 1318.5 Hz, so we're already under 1500. It's between B (19th fret, high e) and C a fret higher that we cross 1000 Hz.