So I been seeking a band for months as a guitarist. I play mainly guitar, but I play bass and I can sing... Im of those persons that only sing in the shower lol. So a drummer from a band told me they needed a bassist and asked me if i had a bass, I told him I play bass but I dont own one (Im kinda broke ._.) I asked him if there was a vacant guitarist, and he said the band already had 2 guitarists, but he told one may leave... he isnt sure. Then he asked me if I could sing and I said yes, then he told me to listen to a song (Knife party from Deftones) and asked me if I could sing it and he said yes, then he told me to listen another song (Say this sooner from The almost, btw, I DONT LISTEN THAT KIND OF MUSIC, it looks emo -.-) and asked me again if I oculd sing it, and I told him i can sing some parts... the only thing I cant sing is when he kinda screams in a high pitch... When i try to do that I can reach the range, but it sounds out of tone lol.
Then he told me they will test me O_o he said that it doesnt matters if I cant sing alot, that I only have to practice etc...

Basically the band only needs a bassist and a vocalist. What do u recomend me to do? Buy the bass? get a sing teacher? I personally prefer to be guitarist.... In the other hand I been seeking for a band for a long time, and the reason i dont have one is because the FEW people i already know have a band, and i dont know too much people and maybe thats why I dont have band O_o

PD=Sorry if my english sucks, i speak mainly spanish and portuguese lol

EDIT= Umm I like the idea, i just prefer to be guitarist a little bit... If i could be vocalist and guitarist that would be better lol. BTW When i said emo i meant The almost, not deftones, and i dont really care about what music the play ._.
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Deftones are emo?
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You could play Bass and meet people that way ie, You could network.

Then you could jam with other musicians as a guitarist and become famous and nail hot chicks every night.
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Most bands don't utilize bass to its full potential.

Look for a band that needs a guitarist.