Hey, i'm thinking about getting a really nice guitar for when i go to University. I play mainly Alternative Rock (think Paramore) up to a bit of Metal. Budget is probably up to £800 as I'll be saving for it. How versatile is the Les Paul Studio and also, if i put in some Bareknuckle War Pigs, do you reckon it could handle some really heavy stuff and still maintain it's warmth for more bluesy classic rock? At the moment i play through a Peavey Vypyr 30W
No idea about how it plays, I'm far too broke, but I love that guitar. Its nice.

I'm saving for a guitar, there are a lot of ESPs and other guitars which have caught my eye, you could always run through the reviews on this site.
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Don't bother, Studio's are VERY hit and miss and you can do alot better for your money, if you really want the studio see if you can finder an older model on ebay, something from around the 90's.
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I'd look into a Framus Diablo Pro. It's not as pretty as an LP, but it's very versatile and does both Metal and Blues. There's little point swapping pups while you're using a modelling amp by the way, I'd rather stick with the stock pups the new guitar comes with and start saving for a better amp.

Gibbos aren't good value in general (though some lower end models like the studio are sometimes decent for the price), and they're downright bad value outside of the US. They vary greatly in quality. Many Gibsons, lower end ones especially, tend to have dry fingerboards, badly dressed frets, screwed up nuts, flaws in the paint job, flaws in the general construction (neck joint!), mediocre tonewoods. You'd have to try a bunch of guitars to find one that is good, hence you can't buy one online.

So unless you're dead set on an LP, I'd go with something different. Here's a link to the Framus I talked about. It's a very basic, but professional guitar and is simply manufactured to a higher standard than most Gibsons I've played so far:


710 quid for the natural finish model, 830 for the other finishes. I nearly took one of those over my Fender Custom Shop Strat... just so you know what league they play in.
The Framus looks pretty nice, although it's not a brand i've heard of before. I'll have to play one and see how it feels in my hands. Anymore ideas about a good guitar for Rock. What Fat Strats are good for my style? I'm willing to do a fair bit of modding on the guitar but nothing too technical just Pup swaps when i get a better amp and maybe some easy electrical stuff.
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Sorry for double post but what ESP Les Paul's are good and are they a safer bet performance wise than Gibson's?
Most ESPs I've tried were tonally as good as Gibsons, though slightly different (less deep sounding, but a snappier attack). ESPs usually don't have the various flaws that Gibbos have. ESP's version of the LP is called "Eclipse", most of them come with EMG pickups, but some have Duncans instead. Avoid active pickups like EMGs when playing through a modelling amp, they tend to not work well together. Also, I think that EMGs are useless for anything but metal, but that's a matter of taste entirely.

I'd avoid ESP LTD guitars, their 400 range is good bang-for-buck, but the more expensive LTD models are too pricey for what they do. An EC1000 hardly sounds and plays any better than an EC400. (The EC series are the LTD versions of the ESP Eclipse). Imo, the only thing LTD guitars have going for them are the name brand electronics, but those can't make up for a tonally vapid guitar.

As always try before you buy!
id avoid a studio and save for a standard or classic lp... you will be MUCH happier!! i had a studio for almost 2 years and it didnt quite do it for me so i got rid of it for the fender
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So what ESP should i be looking at?

If you want a true LP sound then imo don't bother with the LTD EC stuff they sound nothing like a true LP. But if you don't mind then the LTD EC-401VF would be the best bet for you.
Look into some Tokai LP's if you can find any Tokai dealers near you.
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I have played quite a few studios and they all seem to have a deep, rounded tone with a little bit of a 'chet-atkins' style twangy overtone. just some sound indefinitely better than others - there really isn't a lot in the way of "difference". The playability is the real inconsistency - many will need a setup out of the box as gibson sometimes set their guitars up and other times don't - it's quite a mystery.. so you'll like some and you'll hate the others, but that doesn't mean those that you hate are bad guitars. just means you hate it. The most consistent thing is the build quality - they consistently feel well built and solid, even if you don't like the feel of that particular instrument.

basically if you can find one you really like it's well worth it, but if you don't just happen to chance upon "the one" you're better off going with something else.
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I just got a studio and have to say its a good choice, i only played a few though so it could just be me getting a good one from the batch. Very versatile and quite bluesy

I love mine.
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So what ESP should i be looking at?

Well, the Eclipse models are out of your price range, the only thing you can get with the money you have are LTD models. But the average Gibbo is better than those. The Japanese LP copies (Tokai, Burny, Edwards) are worth a look, though they aren't available everywhere.
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rofl at a gibson w/ bareknuckles into a vypyr

I'm amazed i took so long for anyone to catch onto this in the first place.

It blows my mind that anyone would consider spending £800+ on a guitar, spending another £100+ on a set of aftermarket pickups, and not consider to change their modelling amp that is going to make everything sound the same anyway.

If your current guitar is really pissing you off and falling apart in your hands then okay, buy a new guitar. But otherwise, change your amp first.
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I'm amazed i took so long for anyone to catch onto this in the first place.

I'm amazed you didn't read my first post then.
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I'm amazed you didn't read my first post then.
... Oh yeah.

Well bugger me. Fair enough.
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i think a tele deluxe, they're pretty badass guitars. kind of like a les paul meets a tele. you'll get pretty much all of what you're looking for, but a pickup change might be tough since the pickups are slightly larger than a normal humbucker. there would be a gap in the pickguard, but i like how their stocks sound so you might be alright. check them out though, they're very cool.
Sorry to make a complete U-Turn but what Strats are any good? Like The AMerican Standard but i'd want a Humbucker in there somewhere. Also, i did plan on upgrading my Amp before the Bareknuckle's, i'm not completely retarded.
If you're looking at American Strats, the best thing to do is get a American Deluxe Strat. It's only around £100 or so (depends on the finish) more than the Standard, but it comes with many more features and upgrades: locking tuners, better body wood selection, contoured neck heel for better fret access, better bridge, and most importantly of all the S-1 switch. It's a genius little button that changes an SSS guitar to HSH, or an HSS guitar into HSH with a lead boost. The HSS version of the guitar also has an LSR roller nut for maximum tuning stability, though of course it means you lose the ability to ever have a true bridge singlecoil tone.
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What about a second hand Gibson LP Standard etc? If you're set on a Gibson, that'd be a good option.
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