hi im trying to decide between a full shred and a custom custom by seymour duncan. i want a high output pickup with clarity and brightness but i also want an articulate sound. i love the sound of the custom custom better but love the articulation of the shred...i do like the sound also but not as much as the custom custom..another thing though is that its going in a guitar with a poplar body which is a very mid rangy wood and the custom is very mid rangy while the full shred is not. i would basicaly like a custom custom with the articulation of a full shred.
What amp do you have?
What guitar are you putting the pups in?

Amp is 90% of your tone... **** amp + Awesome Guitar = **** tone


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steve morse signature strat by music man. running different amps..mesa orange marshall krank but a pickup that will work well with high saturation and clarity is a must. i like bright sounds. i might just buy both and see what works best but i would like an opinion.