A group of friends and I are looking to play a cover of 'Beat It' in a competition over the summer, but the original EVH solo is a bit beyond me as a guitarist and we don't want to use John Mayer's version (simply as we want to stick close to the original song). So, I was wondering if a simplified version of the EVH solo exists anywhere, or if there is yet another alternative solo available?

Never knew John Mayer covered the song, I'm gonna check that out.

I'm pretty sure when you remove the tapping, just keeping the main bends in, it still would sound alright it just wont have the same kick that Van Halen's solo has

Whatever you come up with though, if you play the riff properly, the song will rock. that riff is amazing
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Never knew John Mayer covered the song, I'm gonna check that out.

Fall Out Boy covered it, Mayer did the solo. One of my favorites to play; I like it better than the original.
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We're mainly using the Fall Out Boy structure as, like you said, it is surprisingly good (I'm not normally their biggest fan). I'm just not keen on playing the Mayer solo.

I'll give that a go Voodoochild; thanks!
Dude van halens solo cannot be sinplified, but john mayers version is a lot easier, but not as cool, you should chill and practice halens version, as for fallout boys version it sucks I hate it.