I was just thinking and I noticed that this and the Blues and Jazz forum both lack a thread on The Yardbirds even though they gave a start to some of the CR and B&J's most beloved guitarists. So I have brought you a thread where we can talk about this wonderful band and the things its guitarists went on to do. To start this off I'll ask you this, if you never heard anything that Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton did after The Yardbirds who would be your favorite. I think mine would still be Clapton simply because I associate one album with each of them. The album I associate with Clapton is "Five Live Yardbirds" the album I associate with Beck is of course "Roger the Engineer" and the album I associate with Page is "Little Games" and Five Live Yardbirds>Little Games>Roger The Engineer.
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I like the yardbirds a little. Whats that hit song they had?
Your mother likes it ruff, Trebeck.
Hear Full of Soul and Shapes of Things are the ones I were thinking of. Those were their only 'hits' The interesting thing is, they were 3 singles that peaked at No. 3, plus the band had 3 guitarists who went on to be extremely famous, and 3 different managers.