Looking for something in the six hundred dollar price range, picked out a few. Which one do you think would be the best bang for the buck?

-Raven RG100H and RG412 Half Stack


-Crate FlexWave Series FW120HS 120W 4x12 Half Stack


-Marshall MG4 Series MG100HFX and MG412A or MG412B Half Stack


Leaning towards the Raven or Crate, but Marshall is used a lot with metal guitar, and a lot of my favorite guitarist use them.
None, i think they are all horrendous amps , you don't need a half stack just save up $50 more and get the new Marshall haze from if you want a British tone, the MG sounds nothing like the other Marshall amps what you said you liked. Good luck, Ben.
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If you can point out which of your favourite guitarists uses a Marshall MG for studio and live uses that's not featured in a commercial for marshall then you will have a reason to buy the MG. Anyway given that supposedly the B-52 AT112 (or something similar) gives a great metal tone and is under your budget (I think).
TS, what is your budget, kinds of music you play, and are you in a band/gigging?
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TS, what is your budget, kinds of music you play, and are you in a band/gigging?

Probably around 3-4 hundred. Mostly metal/ hard rock. No I don't, just jamming at my house. Was thinking about getting a Line 6 Pod. Since I don't play any gigs (yet).
Read posts #6-#8 for amp recommendations. Actually, read the entire thread. No offense, but judging from the amps you're looking at currently, you have a whole lot to learn and this thread will get you the basic info you need:

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I think I've seen used Flextone III's for less than that. You can get the Flextone II's for around 300 even. I'm not entirely sure though.
I got my flextone for 200 so get a flextone.
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Get a nice tube amp, seriously watts < tone.
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After some haggling at the guitar shop, I got a slightly used Flextone III a couple years ago for $350.
i have the flexwave half stack, sounds great on clean but has no reliability. had it **** on me at 2 gigs (2 different ones, warranty replaced a few)
however, if i were you, i'd rather save up a tiny bit more and get a better amp, or maybe a randall SS ?
a half stack is not necessary, itll be more expensive but not better
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