Hey there guys this is my first post
I bought a acoustic off ebay it said r.r.p £129.00 and i won the auction at about £33.00 which i think is a good deal seeing that it is my first acoustic guitar. When i recieved the guitar it was in very good condition apart from a few blemishes which the seller had stated. It had a name covered up inside the guitar, so like anyone else would peeled the sticker back. The read 'Swift Music London' don't know if that's any or anything but i think it plays nice, also my girlfriend's brothers who are experienced guitar players said it's a nice guitar, so i'm very happy with my purchase

There was only one problem with it, the action was far too high for my liking, so i took it to a shop to see if he could reduce the action by modifying the truss rod, but the guy said that the neck was perfectly straight and the way to reduce it is to sand the bridge down. I thought oh it's going to be a easy job, so i headed down to the local D.I.Y store and bought some sandpaper, but this is where i made a vital mistake, i started sanding the bridge, then when i had the action lowered i put all new strings on, started to play after i had tune it and realised that i had a few dead notes on the 6th fret on the D and G strings and then also one on the 10th fret on the top E string.
I then tried to figure out why this had happened, people said to put new strings on, but i already had new strings so one thing out of the way, then i also heard that it could of been one fret higher than the other but i didnt think it was that.
I then finally found out why it was playing this bad and it was because i had sanded then round end down and i had sanded then end where the strings sit on(Big Mistake) i had made it flat and not arched.

So at the end of this i had to go on ebay and purchase another bridge, which i bought for £3.98, so hopefully when i recieve the new bridge that i'm not going to make the same mistake.
Yeah, after all, is you sand your bridge, you change all the math that frets had. I mean the 12 fret instead of being 1/2 it will be 100/201, but that's a LOT when you're fretting.