Hey all,

I have a new MIM strat, and the fretboard is rosewood. I'm very happy with it, but I was just wondering if the maple fretboards are smoother and etc. I have a friend who has a strat with a maple fretboard, but it's his pride possesion so he doesn't really let anyone touch it.
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but to provide a small answer we cannot tell you how it will feel to you, go to a guitar shop and try some.
I think it depends on your style and your hand. All necks are varnished so the only real way to feel the neck is bending.
the exception would be on a well worn maple guitar the finish on the fretboard wears off. I like it. the rosewood boards usually don't have any finish on them since the wood has natural oils that keep the fretboard conditioned and slippery. maple is a tighter grained wood so its pretty smooth to the touch.
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Do you touch the fretboard when you fret? If you don't then it doesn't matter how it plays but acoustically it adds a difference tonally same deal in terms of through an amp it depends on alot of factors that make up your 'sound' so it's a bit hard to tell.
the feel is all up to you

i think maple fretboards look kinda stupid
but thats just my taste